Sunday, October 14, 2007

The First Freedomware Game Fest!

The Freedomware Game Fest is coming up! Its purpose is to promote gaming on non-proprietary software and on operating systems such as GNU/Linux, and *BSD.
It is a gaming tournament involving a number of great quality Freedomware Games such as Nexuiz, OpenArena, Tremulous, BZFlag, Battle for Wesnoth and Armagetron Advanced and perhaps even more, which through competitive matches celebrates the growing world of Freedomware Gaming, especially on platforms usually perceived as gaming deprived, like GNU/Linux. This deprivation is a MYTH! And this festival is here to prove it!

Freedomware crushes all borders, being truly cross platform and empowering.

What is Freedomware?

It is a nice new buzzword that refers to software and hardware that is free as in freedom to legally use, share, modify and copy as you wish. Freedomware games are therefore games that are not only free of charge, but free as in these freedoms, and hence usually cross platform, of great quality due to collaborative efforts and.. well.. as you will see in this tournament, very very fun! Sign up for the game fest now!

Whether you are going to be participating in this years Freedomware Game Fest or not show your support by adding a badge to your website or blog!