Friday, February 18, 2005 T-shirt Contest Winner!

The community has spoken and the winner of the First Annual KDE-Look T-Shirt Contest with 24 out of 81 votes is Nenad Grujicic with Green! Nenad has won the first Official KDE-Look T-shirt and an External 7 in 1 Memory Card Reader!!!!

Congratulations goes out to him and to all of you who entered in this contest.

Our new KDE-Look T-Shirt is on sale at Revelinux Gear with all the proceeds going to help out with the costs of running KDE-Look.

When we posted the vote to they thought that they were experiencing a Denial Of Service attack because so many people viewed the forum at the same time! WE HAD 3,528 PAGE LOADS WITHIN 7 DAYS. They were a bit relieved and excited when they found out it was a KDE related quest.

KDE-Look... We overwhelm the world with beauty!

Just a reminder that the digiKam Superimpose Template Contest is in full swing. We are "looking" forward to seeing the artwork that this contest brings out!!!

For those of you interested in helping out on future contests please feel free to join KDE-contests mailing list.

Be on the" look out" for many more great contests and challenges coming your way soon!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

digiKam and team up!


digiKam's Image Editor now has a new plugin to use PNG template files
containing borders, frames, and composite images that can be added to or
superimposed on other images hence the name Superimpose Templates. The
currently selected image acts as a background and the templates can then be
selected and overlaid on the image. You will be able to see the image
underneath the transparent areas of the template. These templates can be
created using paint programs such as The Gimp or Inkscape.  

With this new Superimpose feature you can create some great images including photocards.
There is a screenshotof this plugin in action on theSuperimpose Templates section of digiKam's manual. Download the latest version of DigiKam and the plugin pack to experience this and many more of digiKam's awesome new features.

The last day to submitt your images to this contest is March 28th 2005.

Rock the vote

We are going to do our judging for the new KDE-Look t-shirt Contest a little different this time. The judges picked their favorite t-shirt designs and now we opened a poll (at for the whole KDE community to vote on the new KDE-Look t-shirt. 2 DAYS LEFT Feb 16 is the last day!!!!!!

Click the shirt to vote!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A lot has been happening lately. We have recently opened a mailing list called kde-contests and I have been given permission to resurrect the website.

The mailing list will be used to coordinate all our future contests on kde-look. This list will provide a venue for artists and developers to interact on the guidelines and specifics of our contests.

I am inviting all you usability experts, artists and developers to subscribe. Developers that need artwork for their apps please join our list. Members of the usability list, we could really use your insights. Artists looking for a challenge or wanting to try your skills and improve the apps you love (and maybe pickup some killer prizes along the way) JOIN US.

Go to: to join the new kde-contest mailing list.

After we get the next contest under way I will be working on the site. Anybody interested in helping on the website drop me an email at For more information about our vision for see my last post on this blog.

And stay tuned for more awesome artwork coming from kde-look in the coming months!