Thursday, November 02, 2006

Attention Art App Developers

If you are developer for a KDE art application please send me the RSS feeds for your official news and/or blogs. This way I can publish them on

Feel free to sign up for an account at KDE-Artists and use this site as a resource to promote your app. You can easily submit content that will be read by artists that could benefit from your application.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Artwork request

The artwork requests are starting to roll in at so break out your tablet and crankup your favorite graphics editor. This is a great way for all of the artists out there to contribute to the F/OSS community and have some fun. Anyone is welcome to get involved and it is very easy to participate, even if you are on a tight schedule. In no time at all you will be collaborating with many other F/OSS enthusiasts from around the world all with varying levels of involvement. It is also a great way to create because you are being challenged to make something somewhat specific that you might not ordinarily do and you will receive feedback, ratings and comments from F/OSS maintainers on your ideas and art that you submit. Many times others will build on your contribution which can turn into a very dynamic experience. This goes for other contributions requests and discussions taking place all over Open-Collab as well.

Here are just a few Project Pages and artwork requests you will find at

One of the most recent project pages that has been added is for RSIBreak. RSIBreak is a great new application that prompts you to take a break from your computer now and then. The idea is to help prevent Repetitive Strain Disorder. The RSIBreak OC.o project page so far contains a Artwork Request Forum and an Example Images Gallery. What better way to add a little fun to the project than with a little Dragon Power! When you arrive at the RSIBReak OC.o project page you will find a Konqi-Blender lgpl source file originally created by Bastian Salmela (Basse). I was able to get a hold of Basse and he is also going to be providing an updated version of the blender file. The updated 3D model allows for better movements and even the ability to add facial expressions. Some of these new features were made possible by the work done on the Orange project. Basse also mentioned that he may have the time to make Konqi strike a few poses as well, that would be very cool to see. We also grabbed some existing images to use as illustrations from Workrave a GTK application that does something similar to RSIBreak.

Aktions has a project page on that is looking for artwork and some input from any body interested. Computers have become a major aspect of everyday life, creating a need for improved usage statistics. Aktions is a software development kit for KDE designed to gather this information. Our software helps developers understand how well their software meets user demand through an action-oriented perspective.

Tellico collection manager has a project page on and is in need of a updated logo.

getMyDistro a very cool project IMO is on its way to a finished logo.

OSS research project is in need of a logo.

Lobby4Linux in need of a new logo as well.

We are nearly out of the Beta stage and it is very exciting to see things starting to roll forward at

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The new and improved is live! is all shiny and new. :) We changed the back-end and have shifted the focus to make our site more informative to the community of artists that use KDE. So you can expect more news articles about the current state of KDE based graphic tools and tutorials for using them. The site will still be used as a place for our artists to find the current artwork guidelines as they are made available. There are many added tools that make KDE-Artists a much more community oriented site. Please feel free to sign up and add any news, links and articles related to KDE-Artists. has been built to replace the now retired Kollaboration forum. The new site is jammed packed full of goodness. It is currently in it's beta release and still being tweaked here and there. It is a non DE specific site built as a place for F/OSS enthusiasts to work together and contribute to the applications and projects that they use and love. It offers a universal space for all of us to dream, collaborate and work together toward a common goal. If you are a developer or maintainer of an existing F/OSS application or project and are interested in interfacing with other community minded people is a great place to do this.

Ever have a concept or idea that you feel would improve F/OSS? is the place to go to make it known, refine it with others interested in the same idea and take it to the next level. We are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Something Big Is Happening

It is amazing how two weeks can turn into 3 months when you are perfecting a new website. :) We are very close to launching the new and improved and along with it a completely new and very powerful community based collaborative website. Parts of the Kollaboration forum are in the process of being ported over to the new site. If you are interested in helping contact landy_at_revelinux_dot_com.
In other news there is a fun contest going on at Amarok for the details go here

Friday, January 06, 2006

The key to success is often the ability to adapt... has been in transition lately. We have shifted our focus to make our site more informative to the artists that use KDE. So in the future you can expect more news articles about the current state of Open Source graphic tools and tips, tricks for using them. The site will still be used as a place for our artists to find the current HIG/CIG guidelines as they are made available.

Our plan is to give the user/concept developers better tools to communicate their mock-ups and ideas. It has been amazing to see how these ideas have gone from artists mock-ups to usability reviews and more. It has also become obvious that they are not just about artwork anymore. After alot of work and testing we are just a few weeks away from debuting a new site which will contain many tools that have not been available to the developers and users at Kollaboration. Anybody interested in following the concepts and usability opinions that the users at Kollaboration have created will also be pleased to know that they will be easy to keep track of by using rss feeds provided by each "collab". The site will be relocating to a new server and be sporting its own domain name so any body currently linking to the Kollaboration forums should be aware that in a couple of weeks you will need update your link/s.