Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The new and improved KDE-Artists.org is live!

KDE-Artists.org is all shiny and new. :) We changed the back-end and have shifted the focus to make our site more informative to the community of artists that use KDE. So you can expect more news articles about the current state of KDE based graphic tools and tutorials for using them. The site will still be used as a place for our artists to find the current artwork guidelines as they are made available. There are many added tools that make KDE-Artists a much more community oriented site. Please feel free to sign up and add any news, links and articles related to KDE-Artists.

Open-Collab.org has been built to replace the now retired Kollaboration forum. The new site is jammed packed full of goodness. It is currently in it's beta release and still being tweaked here and there. It is a non DE specific site built as a place for F/OSS enthusiasts to work together and contribute to the applications and projects that they use and love. It offers a universal space for all of us to dream, collaborate and work together toward a common goal. If you are a developer or maintainer of an existing F/OSS application or project and are interested in interfacing with other community minded people Open-Collab.org is a great place to do this.

Ever have a concept or idea that you feel would improve F/OSS?
Open-Collab.org is the place to go to make it known, refine it with others interested in the same idea and take it to the next level. We are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.