Wednesday, June 08, 2005

screenshots = a 1000 words

I just added a two new boards on the Kollaboration forum at
KDE Website Screenshots and KDE-Docs Screenshots.

If you need any screenshots for your projects website or for your documentation please post your request.

The KDE-Docs Screenshots board might be particularly helpful to our Docs translators...

lauri: ok, say I take four new screenshots in konqueror's doc... two replacing old ones, and two new... we freeze for 3.5 at that point... askie here, and his team, pick up the docs to translate to dutch and askie has to retake those screenshots, as nearly exactly the same as possible, but *in dutch* and there, the requirements are a lot easier: exactly duplicate what you see in the english screenshot, but do it with the language set to dutch

lauri: some teams (swedish :) do them pretty much as we do in english - usually within a day of a new screenshot in the english doc, the swedish one is updated, some do it as they go through the doc translation, some do it all in one batch once they're done
so it might be useful in those latter two cases, to have some help for sure so maybe for the dutch team to be able to ask "hey, can someone install the dutch i18n pack, and then retake the screenshots in the konqueror and kicker docs"

askie: It depends mostly on the translator.

lauri: and there *are* situations where I totally can't do the english ones either

askie: Some take the shots while translating, some take 'em after the entire translations. We don't have enough people-time for updating them when they come in.

lauri: but being able to post them on a page, might not hurt (worst case, nobody does them, and I keep nagging, right?)


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